New Website & 50th Anniversary Announcement

As promised, the Bill Thomas Family is announcing the website. The place to come for everything Bill Thomas Cheetah. But this is only the start as we still have so much to do and create together.

For example, from your comments and feedback, we are creating a new section we will release later this week, called Share Your Story. We will take your Cheetah related stories you share with us and add them to the upcoming History of the Cheetah section of the website. We especially encourage you to share any new experiences that you have during the Cheetah Reunions and other events. Also coming later this week is the Cheetah Registry. We would like to collect and share with everyone as much information about owners, spec, races, events, stories, everything about the history of each Cheetah built. But until those go live, please visit our Cheetah Champions, send us your feedback and ideas, and sign up for Cheetah News via facebook, twitter, news feed, or email newsletters.

This 50th Anniversary of the Bill Thomas Cheetah is going to be exciting.